About Us

Classic children’s animation filled with timeless truths and positive values. That’s the winning philosophy behind the IQRA Cartoon Network. Since its launch in 2010, IQRA Cartoon has become the premier faith-and-values network parents trust for their children. Our innovative approach to television focuses on programming that not only educates and entertains, but that also morally instructs children. At IQRA Cartoon Network, we are committed to providing uplifting programs that will bear fruit in the lives of children for years to come. In fact, our commitment to programming are reinforces wholesome, positive family values. With constantly expanding programming, we are meeting the demand for 24-hour inspirational and educational programming that children of all ages can enjoy. 

The team IQRA Cartoon Network is all about to doing dawah work with the most creative, most efficient way to support our ultimate goal:

“Spread Islam in a Beautiful Way” 

IQRA Cartoon Network

 709 High Terrace 

Dekalb, IL 60115